By: Gia Marino

Today we are starting our form project.

I picked out a shell from Jacky and now I am going to draw it to really learn the form.

Doing this drawing helped me notice how the shell curls and the overall proportions of the shell. I think I could even reference this drawing while making my shell.

Daphne said to start with clay so we can learn the form better before moving to soap and paper, and I believe her. Also, I am experienced with clay and pretty good at it so I think it’s better…

By: Gia Marino

We are now on the 3rd part which is animation.

I didn’t have much inspiration for my story so I just storyboarded what I thought would best capture my fox’s behavior.

I noticed in videos the Channel Island fox sniffs around a lot. So I wanted to for sure capture that. Also, the fox runs around a lot, not even just for survival but also for play. So I also wanted to capture that, because I noticed it has a distinct run because it leaps in its run which is different from other foxes. …

By: Gia Marino

So I researched about the environments and the Catalina Islands are pretty diverse. It’s an island so there is a lot of oceanfront and some beaches but the main beaches are mainly for tourists. There are also woods that are like typical California woods. There are also a ton of prairie, and a lot of videos of the fox are in the prairie. Lastly, there are so many big hills that are dry and it seems to be prominent in the landscape cause you see in the background of pictures a lot.

By: Gia Marino

For the animal project, I am doing the Island Fox.

By: Gia Marino


I am not sure about the objective of this project after class. It seems like it is a project that is more environment-based. It seems to revolve around the human experience and the spatial experience as a whole. The professors also emphasized how parts make a whole and that seems to be another important factor of the project.

I approached this project with less planning than I am used to. I planned the shape and then just went for it. …

This is working documentation of the next 4 years of things that seemed very important and resonated with me.


Design is not about reinventing the wheel. It is about building off good ideas. Exploring the nuances and creating novelty out of careful attention to details.

By: Gia Marino


My last Project is Lighting Engines. I am doing lighting while sleeping.

Things Steve and Stacie wants us to keep in mind:

Gia Marino

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